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VoIP Products and Services

FreeSwitch VoIP Billing Solution with DIDs Freeswitch is a Cross Platform with multi protocol support. We got the knowledge from all open source and commercial billing systems that exists arround and we developed our own Wholesale VoIP Billing System based on the Freeswitch which is supports unlimited Resellers and unlimited Customers and DID numbers. Now you can make easy make VoIP Businnes, Build your resellers network, sell voip time, voip trunks and DID numbers Read more

VoIP Alarm Application for Hotels

Wake up VoIP Caller

Wake up VoIP Caller is a simple applicaiton that registers as a normal softphone to a SIP server/IP-BPX of your hotel and gives you the abillity to activate alarms for any guest by using a simple and useful web interface.
All the data are stored to MySQL Database.
Prices from 30 €

SipWare Asterisk Installation Configuration

 Asterisk Installation

Get your Own IP-BPX Server with the cheapest way. We can install an Open Source SIP server like Asterisk for you, with the most popular features. Make Cheap phone calls with video support. 
Get the benefits that VoIP Telephony provides for free.
Installation costs 50 €

Sip Ware Custom Development

Custom Development

We can develop any SIP Based application. You can request IVRs, Softphones, Web Based Softphones, VoIP Portals, Billing Systems, Flash Softphone, Complete VOIP Solutions, VoIP Payments Gateways, etc. 
  We have expirience on VoIP Telephony and SIP Protocol.

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