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How to install an Asterisk IP-BPX ? Service

Freeswitch Wholesale VoIP Billing System

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Freeswitch Wholesale VoIP Billing Solution with White Label Joomla CMS


Carrmin Whole sales VoIP Billing Solution

Make your own VoIP Business!

Freeswitch is a Cross Platform with multi protocol support. We got the knowledge from all open source and commercial billing systems that exists arround and we developed our own Wholesale VoIP Billing System based on the Freeswitch which supports unlimited Resellers and unlimited Customers, unlimited DID numbers and unlimited simultaneous calls. Now you can build your VoIP Businnes, create your resellers network, sell voip time, voip trunks and DID numbers.

Each Reseller get a Pre-Configured Jooomla installation with default template, each customer of resellers use that joomla which interconnect under secure connection and credentials with the main system.

Owner of the Wholesale VoIP Billing system is responsible to create and activate accounts of each reseller. Installation will be on a Centos Dedicate Server and it will support up to 2000 simultaneous calls which we can increase by adding second dedicate server.

Why Joomla? : Joomla is the most powerful CMS, almost everybody is able to manages and to make his own web site. Our solution is not installed as Component, It just use only the accounting system of Joomla. In that way, we are able to put our Solution under any CMS. Every Reseller can use last version of Joomla and each Customer is not able to recognize that is under a reseller!

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Carrmin VoIP Billing with DIDs Re-invite Protection


 Carrmin Supports DIDs



 Carrmin Whole sales VoIP Billing Solution


Complete VoIP Telephony Solution

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Do you want to be a VoIP Provider?

Do you want to use VoIP to Blocked Countries?

Do you want to Sell VoIP Accounts?

Do you want to have a Softphone with your Brand Name?

Do you want your clients to use your VoIP service easily and flexibly?

Do you want a Flash Softphone for any OS?

Do you need a SIP Server with Video Calls?

Do you need Softphones for Iphone/Android/Black Berry/Mobile devices?

Do you want to use the SIP protocol and make your own business?

Do you want to provide sms service to your clients?

Do you want to have sms service with a softphone for your clients?
Complete VoIP Telephony Solutions for Business


You can have a complete VoIP Telephony Solution and Sell VoIP Credits and Services to your client/users.

With Flash Based Softphone, Iphone Softphone, Android Softphone, Black Berry and Windows Softphone everybody can be connected with your own SIP server.

Users in blocked areas will be able to use VoIP Telephony and to make phone calls anywhere.

Users will be able to buy credits from your web site when they sign in to their account area. You will be able to manage the rates and tariffs from your administator panel.

You are able to put unlimited flash based softphone to any web site or to a social network (e.g. Facebook as an app). Everybody will be able to login to their account and make Audio/Video/Chat and send SMS.

The most important is that you will have your own SIP Server with Asterisk IP BPX together with a billing system.

Just put your own flash based softphone to any web site and begin to earn money.

If you want a powerful voip business you are in the right place.

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SIP Based Software Development

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Sip Ware Custom Development

Request any Software you need and we will develop it for you

Feel free to contact us

We will respond to you as soon as possible.

 Custom Development OK  Web Based Softphones Custom Development OK Web Softphone for CRM
 Custom Development OK  Windows Softphones Custom Development OK Telephone Payment Gateways
 Custom Development OK  Mobile Devices Softphones Custom Development OK VoIP Scratch Carts
 Custom Development OK  VoIP Portals Custom Development OK VoIP IVRs
 Custom Development OK  Wake up VoIP Caller Customization  Custom Development OK  VoIP Hotel Scratch Carts

 Request any VoIP Solution you need and we will come up with the best way to realize it...

 Sipware Digium and Asterisk        mysql supported     windows Linux Software


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